Surprise Room Makeover- Perfect for Tween Girl!

When our daughter Kara was turning 11, we arranged for her to be gone with a friend for the day and surprised her with a room makeover! We had been working on a few of the projects that week in the garage on the down-low. We wanted to give this room a big change while working with a small budget.

I started looking for some ways to re-purpose some vintage items I had found for great deals that I was super-excited about. I picked up the large chest there for $5! (I know! Score!) Anyway, it was dirty and wood toned. The top also needed a little work. Thankfully my husband is extremely handy and can fix just about anything. We cleaned it up, repaired the top, and painted it with a slightly off-white paint.

At that same place, I found a huge gold frame. We cleaned it up and repainted it hot pink. The insert is a piece of drywall we cut down to fit inside the frame and painted with chalkboard paint.

The pallet headboard is something my husband made. Here's a picture of how we had used them before when both the girls shared a room. I actually really love the yellow below, but we repainted over the words to make the change into the aqua room.

The pallet headboards were made by disassembling the pallets then reattaching them close together with imperfectly lined ends. 2 studs along the back side give the boards support and are what they attach to. These went down all the way to the floor and the bed frame was screwed into it.

The paint is just yellow craft paint and a foam brush. I free handed this- one with a large heart and one with the word "love." Be creative and have fun!

A couple other elements to note are:

Notice the frame and "laugh" sign. Those were just purchased from a craft store, painted white, and tacked up with small finishing nails.

The finishing elements that help bring any room together are often layered. Notice the turquoise painted tray layered with a teal ball jar with pink flowers, a pink candle, and the black and white lamp. The black and white pulls together the black and white wall sign and the black from the chalkboard. I also love the the stripes on the Duvet and the aqua bolster pillow. The final fun touch is the party lights strung above on the walls. The lights gave a fun glow to the room when you walked in!

We painted as soon as she left and moved everything in for a big reveal when she came home later that afternoon.

Happy and surprised girl! Clearly, our dog, Calvin, is enjoying the moment as well.

This was a few years back and she's moved on to a more sophisticated room but this was pretty fun to do at the time! All her friends loved it too! We have since moved so now another little girls gets to have this fun room.

Hope you enjoyed and have fun with your projects! Use your creativity to re-purpose and renew something old mixed in with something new. Draw our your plan on paper first, then have fun finding the right pieces to make it come together.


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