My favorite Podcasts of 2016

This past year I set out to change my attitude toward a more positive direction. I had a stressful couple of years and found myself needing an attitude adjustment. The past January I listening to Podcasts every day. Oh, Podcasts, what a difference you have made in my life!! If you haven't added these in your routine yet, you are missing out! Every day while I got ready for work this past year I listen to 1-2 podcasts while I get ready. These are found online and you subscribe or just listen to topics that interest you. You have this wealth of great information to teach and inspire you right on your phone. I've received so much great knowledge, encouragement, and motivation from these just while I'm getting ready or doing household chores. There's all kinds of topics available for what interests you. I personally enjoy topics on business and leadership, women and business, health and fitness, work/family balance, and finances.

I listen to a lot of them, but these have been my top 5 favorites this year:

EntreLeadership Podcast- This podcast is birthed from Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership Book and Conferences. This is hosted by Ken Coleman who is easy to listen to and who interviews the best speakers and authors in the business and leadership world. The interviews on this podcast are the best in my option. These are world-class leaders who have such wisdom to share and to learn from. If you like business and leadership, this is a must-listen!

The Biz Chix Podcast with Natalie Eckdahl. I love this podcast. This one is for women who run their own business and also addresses being a mom and caring for our families while running a business. Natalie is awesome. She is so real and and down to earth about running a business and points out the myths you often see online about people earning 6-figure incomes and launches. I love how real she is. The interviews are excellent on this podcast as well. Most of the interviews are of women in business who are smart and have great stories and expertise to share. She is a business coach and has some on-air business coaching podcasts to clients which is also interesting to learn from. She also hosts a private facebook group which I'm part of and has been really encouraging. It's fun to have her interact with those of us in the group on a regular basis. If you are a woman in a business or in a leadership role, check this one out!

The Creative Empire Podcast with hosts Reina and Christina. This one is for creative entrepeneurs in business. This resonates with those of us in the creative industry such has wedding planners or stylists, photographers, calligraphers, artists, etc. This show is packed with great interviews and insights.

There are 2 Health and Fitness podcasts I really like:

Half Size Me with Heather Robertson. Heather lost 170 pounds and has maintained a healthy weight and lifestyle for many years. Also, Fit and Vibrant You by Tanja Shaw. Both of these ladies are great at a very healthy and balanced approach to life. No diets. Just consistency in healthful eating and enjoying what you do in fitness. The interviews have been great, and these both a great to listen to when I'm at the gym or just need a little extra motivation.

The Ziglar Show- Inspiring Your True Performance with host Kevin Miller

This podcast is built on the teaching and inspiration from the late Zig Ziglar. It's a little different to listen to his Southern drawl and not everyone will be on board with the idea of self- talk, but either way, the interviews on this show are great with world class authors and leaders and there's a lot to gain from this one.

If you're not a Podcast listener yet, give it a whirl! There's so much to learn every day on so many topics. Why not take advantage of expertise, motivation, and knowledge while getting ready for the day, folding laundry or working out?! I hope you enjoy some of these as much as I do. Best wishes for a year of growing and flourishing!


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